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We are a full-service insurance agency offering professional insurance consulting and placement services, instant access to answers, policies, certificates, and claims information, and a dedicated service team to serve you.   In essence, we are “the middleman” between you- the client, and the insurance carriers who will provide the coverage you seek.   Our job is to learn all we can about your organization in order to convey “your story” to the carriers, negotiate the best insurance terms for you, and ensure that your organization is fully protected. 

Insurance is not a commodity.  A relationship with your broker is just like a relationship with your tax advisor, your attorney, and your banker.  It’s important that the professionals you trust understand the nature of your business, the cycles your business goes through, and the exposures that you face.  This takes time to develop, and our goal is to understand your business fully and make sure that we can provide you with the right insurance products and risk management services. Dufour is more than insurance…Partnering with expert risk management, HR, accounting and legal professionals, we protect your organization from all sides and to assist you in managing your risk with confidence. 

In today’s techie world, there’s no excuse for being “unavailable”.   Blackberry cell phone and email provides instant access to your broker, 24/7.  We partner with dozens of insurance companies who have the same philosophy… “Reach me direct, today, let’s get to the heart of the matter, and finish our conversation with the peace of mind that we understand each other and that our client is well protected and served.”    

Dufour Insurance Services uses the top of the line agency management system, Applied Systems, a web-based data management platform with secure servers in multiple states.  We cannot lose your data.  Paperless transactional filing provides immediate access to certificates, policy forms, change requests, and endorsements via email request.  Our staff utilizes dual monitors to make efficient use of our time and best conduct policy audits. Our clients have 24/7 access to their policy documents via their client portal.