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General Liability

General Liability is the “core” coverage that organizations need.  Dufour Insurance Services will assist you in determining what you need your general liability insurance to cover.  As a start, a good general liability policy:

  • Provides coverage for bodily injury (Ex: “Slip & Fall)
  • Provides coverage for 3rd party property damage (Ex: You rent a stage for a school’s production and set the curtains on fire)
  • Provides coverage for products and completed operations (Ex: Defective product causes injury)
  • Provides coverage for personal and advertising injury (Ex:  False Advertisement claim)
  • Is Written on an Occurrence-basis (meaning that a claim can be reported at any time within the statute of limitations, even after the policy expiration, and as long as the policy was in force when the incident occurred, that policy will respond to the the claim)
  • May provide endorsements based on the specific needs of your class of business, such as:
    • Professional liability (To cover the actions of “professionals” such as accountants, attorneys, physicians & counselors)
    • Abuse liability (For those organizations serving children and delicate populations)
    • Employee Benefits Liability (To protect organizations who administer health insurance plans for their staff)
    • Participant Accident Coverage (Sports)
    • Additional Insured, Hold Harmless, and Waivers of Subrogation (Requested by grantors, funders, partners, and other contracts)
    • Include “Defense costs outside the limit” (Legal expenses do not erode the limit of liability.


General Liability limits start at $1 million per occurrence, $1 million aggregate.  Higher limits are often recommended, and are based on the nature of your business, the type of exposures you face, and the size of your organization.  Excess liability and Umbrella policies, as well as self-insured options can be considered if appropriate. 

To assist you in assessing the liability of your organization please download the form below:

General liability application