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Workers Compensation 

Workers Compensation insurance is required in California, whether your organization has many employees or just one part-time employee.  The purpose of this coverage is to protect the organization’s employees in the event that they are injured on the job.  

What is it?  
Worker’s compensation benefits can provide the urgently needed medical care.  And, it can provide the needed financial support for workers and their families including coverage of all reasonable and necessary medical costs, and benefits for temporary wage loss sustained by an employee while recovering from an injury, vocational rehabilitation and retraining and if death occurs to an injured employee, death benefits and burial expense will be paid up to specific limits.

How to chose a carrier?
Many carriers offer Workers Comp coverage, but some are better suited for your type of business than others.  Each “job description” in your business is assigned a “class code” by the Workers Comp Insurance Rating Bureau.  Each class code has an assigned rate that is used to calculate premium, and that rate is based on the “riskiness”, or likelihood of injury, that accompanies that job description.  For example, a clerical position uses class code 8810, with a rate of approximately $1 per $100 of payroll.  A roofer, on the other hand, has much more risk, and his class code may have a rate of approximately $20 per hundred dollars of payroll.  Dufour Insurance Services reviews each of your job descriptions to make sure that the correct class code is used for your staff.   Each workers comp carrier has their “appetite” and set their rates by class code accordingly.  We’ll match you with a carrier that offers the best rates for your particular “class codes”.   From there, we will teach you how to work with the carrier to ensure that your staff receive the appropriate medical care and temporary disability payments, if warranted, for their injury.

To assist you in gathering the information on your properties please download the form below:

WC supplemental form