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Dental Insurance

In these tough economic times, many employers are reducing benefits, and dental insurance is eliminated. However, Dufour Insurance offers affordable dental care solutions. Employer sponsored as well as voluntary plans for employees are available. We will help you find the best solution for PPO or HMO coverage so you can enjoy:

  • • Basic Dental Care (simple extractions, root canals and cleanings)
  • • Preventive Care (cleanings and screenings)
  • • Major Dental Procedures (bridges, dentures, crowns)

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance is often overlooked, but Dufour Insurance offers affordable group and voluntary plans to meet the needs of those employees who have less than 20/20 vision. Visits to the optometrist are an expensive and mandatory health care responsibility. Why not provide your employees with a vision insurance plan to complement their medical and dental coverage? By offering group vision insurance, you will be more attractive to prospective employees and those employees who depend on vision insurance will thank you.

Life Insurance

Group life insurance is an affordable coverage for your employees that completes a solid “benefits package offering” and helps you attract and retain quality employees. This coverage is very flexible, and many options for plan limits are available. The coverage is designed to cover final expenses, provide heirs with an inheritance, see that dependents are provided for, and/or provide for retirement savings. Group and Voluntary plans are available.

Disability Insurance

Company-sponsored Short term and Long term disability are not as common as they once were as many employers have been forced to cut benefits just to stay in business. If an employee become disabled through illness or accident at work, Workers Compensation should pay a disability benefit. However, if the employee becomes disabled “off the clock”, STD and LTD insurance provide a partial salary benefit to replace the lost income. Usually this coverage is provided as an option for employees to purchase voluntarily, rather than a cost born by the employer.

Other Voluntary Benefits

Long term care insurance, cancer policies, and other individual income replacement products are available by request.