Insurance Compliance for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•

As new federal and state health care regulations are adopted, keeping in compliance can be a chore. Are you managing your benefits compliance in house? Don’t take the risk! It’s inexpensive to outsource your FSA, Cobra administration and HIPAA Compliance. Dufour Insurance provides access to benefits administrations that have:

  • Integrated FSA and COBRA compliance technology on a single Web-based platform
  • Integrated system prevents the possibility of accidental non-compliance
  • Access to imaged documents, such as Year-end FSA Statements, General Notices, Qualifying Events Notices, HIPAA Certificates, and premium payments made by check
  • Timely distribution of HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage, COBRA election packets, and other standard notices through an automated system ensures all correspondence is mailed and tracked
  • Single file specification for all administrative services
  • Central database provides employer and participant access to real-time data 24/ 7
  • Real-time access to participant case notes to support management oversight by the employer group
  • Ongoing verification of COBRA eligibility